Motivational Speakers: Motivate, Encourage, Inspire

A motivational speaker is one who speaks before an audience for the purpose of motivating, encouraging and inspiring such group. Most people have this perception that motivational speakers are self-help genies that instantly help you conquer the world. However, it’s not as easy as everyone thinks it is. Speaking in front of a lot of people takes more than guts. We believe that it takes superb public speaking skills and hours and hours of research.


Wynn Garrison is a world-renowned motivational speaker who has presented to the world’s top leaders in the business, political and social field. He is an expert at giving pep talks that he has at least 100 speaking engagements every year. Aside from that, he has also authored a book entitled ‘The Real Truth about Success.’ He is also a weekly contributor of The Washington Post.

Five Types of Guest Speakers
According to Wynn Garrison, there are five types of speakers:

(1) The Humorist

This type of inspirational speaker is someone who mainly relies on his humor to get his message across to his audience. Humorists are a great favorite as they are able to keep the people alive and awake while communicating their message.

(2) The Celebrity Speaker

Now as its name suggests, celebrity speakers are those who draw crowds by mere mention of their name. They are known in the industry and are experts at their fields. However, fame should not always be equated to quality and excellence. Some celebrity speakers truly deliver; however there are those that are just of average quality. Celebrity speakers charge the highest fees.

(3) The Motivational Speaker

The motivational speakers are those who are armed with real life stories of change and hope. Here, you can get more information about motivational speaker articles. These inspirational stories may be his own story or of other people. Some motivational speakers also use humor to liven up his talk.

(4) The Industry Speaker

Industry Speakers, on the other hand, are the experts in the field. These speakers are often the trailblazers or leaders in their chosen field. They know the statistics, the terms and the complete history of the topic. However, they may at times lack the entertainment value thus the audience ends up bored and sleepy.

(5) The Perfect Fit Speaker

As its name suggests, the perfect fit speaker is the all-around speaker. He is humorous, motivational and knows of the facts and pertinent information with regard to the topic of the talk. He is a perfect fit for all occasions and is very flexible when it comes to the venue, audience and topic.

Wynn Garrison falls under the last category of the perfect fit speaker. He is a man of many facets as he has background in telecommunications, manufacturing and financial services. He has even toured as a comedian around the country. He has also had the opportunity to work with baseball superstar Hank Aaron and Magnavox as a promoter for the world’s first video gaming system. Aside from that, he is also the youngest ever department head of Fortune 500 at the age of 27.

Some of his previous clients such as American Express have spoken highly of him. American Express notes that he was not only everything they asked for but more. He was also very engaging. He was able to energize the crowd to the point that the audience did a standing ovation for him. Furthermore, American Express also noted how he was humorous and at the same time informative.


United Airlines, another satisfied client, noted that he is extremely insightful, entertaining, engaging and educational. The audience was comprised of over 500 professionals working for United Airlines and they were all elated with his speech that they didn’t want him to leave the stage. They also noted that out of all the motivational speakers they have had over the years, Garrison Wynn topped the list.

Wells Fargo, on the other hand, called him a ‘rock star’. Wells Fargo said that he was very prepared with his message and delivered it in a very funny and interesting way. They went on saying that his ability to engage the audience is unparalleled in the industry.

Subway said that he is fast, funny and entertaining! They were shocked that he was able to convey his message in just 60 minutes. His energy level was so contagious. Subway noted Garrison was in the top three of the motivational speakers they have seen.

Lastly, NAPA Auto Parts said that Garrison did a great job of researching the topics he touched. He also researched on the company’s audience and clients. He also mixed his message with the right dose of humor.

Softball Trading Pins: An Exercise in Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a way of thinking in a clear, objective, and evidence-based manner. Such a skill is very important since it is a means by which people can protect themselves against unwanted situations. Critical thinkers have a way of understanding circumstances and making rational decisions in such a way that would give the most benefit to the individual.

Softball-Trading-PinsMany parents and teachers wonder how they would be able to teach such a skill. Most critical thinking exercises are bland and boring. They should know though, that certain hobbies, like trading softball trading pins, teach this skill to children subconsciously. But how exactly does this occur? There are 4 main skills associated with critical thinking. Here is where these activities come in:

 Evidence through Reality

Critical thinking relies on real-life evidence. The phrase evidence through reality signifies that critical thinkers believe in hard proof, not just in rumors, hearsay, and history. They want to ensure the truth before making decisions, and this is done by relying on physical senses, such as sight, touch, and feel, or by being able to gauge the legitimacy of their sources.

Traders ensure the authenticity and value of softball trading pins in this manner. They need to be able to physically hold these pins before making decisions. They need to see that secondary pins, like sliders, spinners, and blinkers, are actually working. They need to know the actual history of the pin and/or the team it represents in order to gauge its value. They need to conduct accurate research and double check what they’ve found. They need to be physically present in softball games to clarify any confusion.

 Isolating Problems from Context

Sometimes, context shrouds a problem so much that the problem gets hidden and never solved. The softball trading pins industry is no exception to this problem. There are certain traders who like to spin stories so as to be able to get a higher value for the pins they are trading. Critical thinking is exercised in these instances since respectable traders try to expose the real value of these pins. They will remove context, such as the other trader’s stories of past owners or victories, and use their own knowledge bank and research to be able to decide on their actions.

 Creating Criteria for Making Good Judgments

Obviously, traders must have a basis for their decisions. This is a habit of critical thinkers. Having a certain criterion and checking if this is met before settling on an action is very important. Traders need to ensure that the pins are intact, that the trade offered is good for both parties, and that they will feel good about the trade, among others.

 Moral Thinking


Critical thinking requires a certain level of maturity. People age through their moral life from being completely self-centered to being able to think in another person’s shoes. The softball trading pins industry allows traders to exercise this way of thinking. They shouldn’t always be thinking of how to get the upper hand in a trade. Respectable traders also think of other people and the value of their pins. They feel morally responsible for ensuring that both parties get the best out of a transaction and they don’t take advantage of less knowledgeable people.

Critical thinking is a skill. Thus, it takes a lifetime to learn, imbibe, and perfect. Many people don’t actually perfect it, but are able to implement it well in their lives. It is best to start training early for this important skill. Engaging in a hobby that challenges you to think critically, such as indulging in softball trading pins, is a good start.