The Different Pieces Of Golf Equipment That Aren’t Clubs Or Balls

There are a lot of things out there that can be categorized as golf equipment. Sure, the argument can be made that people should only really familiarize themselves with the essentials. These essentials are the golf ball and the golf club.

Golf-ballsTo be honest, those two pieces of equipment really are the most important things that people should familiarize themselves with. No game of golf can be played without a golf ball or club. That said, there are still other pieces of equipment that people should learn about.

They may not be the essentials, but they are still important in playing the game. These things can largely affect how well a person plays a game of golf.

Below are some of these useful pieces of golf equipment that aren’t golf clubs or balls that beginners should learn about.

Club head covers

Club head covers are simply what they’re called. They’re often made from leather. Well, there are those made from fabric, making them look like a giant sock. Some golf clubs come with their own club head covers while others don’t. People might undervalue the importance of this piece of equipment when they shouldn’t. These covers prolong the lifespan of a golfer’s clubs. Clubs nowadays can be extremely expensive. They really are a huge investment. Without a club head cover, golfers might find themselves replacing their golf clubs sooner than they want to.

The Tee

The next important piece of golf equipment is the tee. This is the tool that most people see golfers plant on the turf when they start on a particular hole. It helps to elevate the ball from a certain height, making it easier to hit the ball whilst avoiding the turf. The shot becomes easier because the ball rests on the tee’s head.

Tees are made from either wood or plastic. The rule is that golfers can only use the tee for their first stroke, otherwise known as the drive or tee shot. Tees are of varying length. Deciding on which to use depends largely on the club to be used and the golfer’s preference.

Stroke counters

GolfThese are simple enough to understand. There’s nothing really complicated about this piece of golf equipment. It’s what players use to keep track of their strokes. Some are simple, while some are complex and even digital. Golfers use them to keep track of their strokes in a particular round, hole or even both. They come in varying designs. No design offers any real distinct advantage and choosing one depends largely on a golfer’s preference.

Ball markers

When the golf ball lands, it will either bounce, roll or both. During certain situations, golfers will have to pick up their ball and remove them from the turf. There could be a variety of reasons for this. The ball could be picked up for cleaning or because it’s in the way of another ball. Whatever the case, the ball marker serves as a reminder of where the ball landed.

They are made out of different materials and are designed differently. There’s no real rule on what a person can use as a ball marker other than it should be distinguishable from every other marker that’s used.

Golf Bags

These are the pieces of equipment that people use to keep their other equipment. These bags can be huge and heavy. They tend to carry a lot of stuff and have enough room for other equipment like clubs, balls, gloves, and so much more. Like other golf equipment, golf bags come in different varieties – some have simple designs, while others feature fancy patterns.